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Solid is a Webstandard that puts you in Control of your Data. It has been around for 8 years now, and still is in an early phase, so not yet fully mature.
Our Community Solid Server provides you a WebId and a Personal Datastore.
You may want to sign up. Do it here
If you want to log in, go to<user>/ (note the trailing slash) or use our Databrowser.
You will either use the SolidOS-Frontend or need Solid-Apps to get the most out of our service.

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a WebId - This is a URL
Key to the whole Solid Ecosystem
Storage as Linked Data
human- and machine-readable
Separation of Data and Apps
can read/write from/to the storage

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A WebId identifies you, authenticates you and is your key to all compliant Solid Servers, so you can use it not only on our server but in the whole ecosystem.
You can imagine your Pod as an ftp-place or some webspace, that you're in control of. You can choose, with whom or what apps you want to share your data.
All your data is yours, this is assured and certified by European rights.
And you can freely create, modify, move, share and delete.

If it helps, imagine it like a dropbox.
It is additionally seen like a new layer on top of the existing web.
You can, for instance, utilize it for your health information, fitness data, personal details, business records, banking data, and even your heating preferences or shoe size information.

We guide you through the jungle of the new web 3.0. The Future is here.

The Solid Project
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